What functions do smart street lights in the community have?

14 Jan 2024|admin

What are smart streetlights:

Smart streetlights are the latest generation of streetlights. They integrate environmental monitoring, cameras, intelligent lighting, loudspeaker broadcasts, LED displays, mobile phone charging, electric vehicle charging, Wi-Fi, 5G small cell stations, etc. into one. This is convenient for residents' lives and urban management.  

Smart Street Light Function

Functions of smart streetlights:

1. Intelligent lighting: Remote control of on/off and brightness, timed switching, automatic brightness adjustment.

2. Environmental monitoring: Temperature, humidity, illumination, PM2.5, PM10, noise, wind direction, wind speed, etc.  

3. AI video surveillance: Video recording, automatic snapping, facial recognition, license plate recognition.

4. IP broadcasting: Remote volume adjustment, remote vocal announcements, can play broadcasts, synchronized with displays.  

5. One-touch emergency call: Can make emergency calls, video intercom, sound monitoring and recording.

6. Wi-Fi AP: Nearby phones can connect to Wi-Fi and access the internet, can add SMS/WeChat verification.

7. LED display: Full-color LED displays can play videos, images, etc., remotely updateable.

8. Electric vehicle charging: AC charging, can set paid charging.  

9. Mobile phone charging: USB charging, wireless charging, etc. Supports fast charging. Can set paid charging.

10. Sprinkler dust reduction: Automatically sprays mist to improve air quality when the environment is poor.

11. 5G base station: Provides 5G base station layout points for operators. Enhances 5G signals.

12. Atmosphere lighting: Landscape lighting, can serve as auxiliary lighting to make smart streetlights more visually appealing.

What problems can installing smart streetlights solve:

1. Solve public lighting problems  

Smart lighting can automatically adjust brightness based on time and usage scenarios to save electricity fees. Atmosphere lighting makes walking safer and turns streetlights into landscape features.

2. Solve emergency response problems

Outdoor broadcasts can make vocal announcements at one click. In emergencies, it can immediately broadcast to evacuate. One-touch emergency call can immediately obtain help when an emergency occurs.

3. Solve outdoor internet access problems

The Wi-Fi AP can provide wireless internet outdoors, solving signal instability and data anxiety issues. 5G small cells can enhance 5G signals outdoors.  

4. Solve outdoor publicity problems

Outdoor large screens are efficient outdoor publicity methods that can change displayed content at any time. Outdoor broadcasts can also serve as publicity means.

5. Solve security issues  

AI cameras can monitor fights, outdoor accidents, and automatically alarm. One-touch emergency calls can also alarm for help. This greatly reduces crime and improves outdoor safety.  

6. Solve outdoor charging problems

Electric vehicle charging, wireless and USB mobile phone charging. Can set paid charging to increase smart streetlight revenue.

7. Solve air quality problems  

Can monitor environmental temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, noise levels, etc. The sprinkler system can automatically start up when the environment is poor to lower temperature and reduce dust.

More benefits of smart streetlights:  

1. Intelligent control

All devices have remote control, failure early warning, no need for manual inspection. Screen content can be changed with one click.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection  

Set lighting strategies, automatically adjust brightness, can one-click turn off temporarily unused devices to save electricity fees.

3. Economic benefits

Mobile phone charging, electric vehicle charging piles, IP broadcasting, and outdoor displays can serve as income sources.  

4. Digital transformation

Improves government management capabilities and aids digital transformation.

Installation and maintenance of smart streetlights:

Installation: Should reserve sufficient power lines and network cables/fiber to supply smart streetlights.  

Maintenance: Check devices' normal operation through the management platform, anomalies can generally be solved remotely, for those that cannot, the specific lamp pole can be located for quick repair.

Smart streetlight data:  

All smart streetlight data can be unified management and stored on smart streetlight management platforms.

Data includes:

1. Environmental temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, noise levels, etc. 

2. Light source power, electricity consumption, etc.

3. AI video recording data.  

4. Electric vehicle and mobile phone charging time, electricity consumption, etc.

5. One-touch emergency call records, etc.

Integration of smart streetlight data:

APIs can be used to call the data of the smart streetlight management platform for convenient data management by upper-level management platforms.

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