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Solar smart street lights
Solar smart street lights

Solar smart street lights

— Solar power supply, to meet the use of areas with no electricity and less electricity.
$ 1100$ 2200
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • Height4~12 m
  • PowerSolar energy
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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Solar smart street lamp is a multi-functional lighting equipment powered by new energy. It integrates multiple functions such as intelligent lighting control, WiFi power supply, IP directional sound column, one-key help button, environmental monitoring, AI camera, LED display, USB mobile phone charging, etc. The system is powered by solar panels, and with lithium batteries to store electricity, it realizes independent power supply, especially suitable for remote areas without mains.

The solar smart street lamp adopts an intelligent lighting control system, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the street lamp at regular intervals, adjust the light in real time, and carry out smart energy saving; Equipped with WIFI module and IP sound column, it can provide wireless network services and public address services for the surrounding area; The one-key help button can quickly call for help in an emergency; Environmental monitoring can detect surrounding air quality, temperature and humidity, noise and other data; AI cameras can carry out intelligent monitoring; The LED display can publish announcement information.


1. Autonomous power supply, especially suitable for use in remote areas.

2. Intelligent lighting control, which can save energy consumption.

3. Provide WiFi, IP sound column and other services to meet public needs. 

4. One-click help to ensure safety, environmental monitoring is convenient for management.

5. .AI intelligent, which can carry out intelligent analysis such as security and statistics. 

6. Information dissemination to provide important information to the public.



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