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HIHEE is a creative outdoor facility manufacturer in China, serving as a one-stop provider and producer for outdoor public facility projects. We offer full-chain services spanning from project requirement analysis, project design, product design, manufacturing, management software development, after-sales maintenance and more.

Our products include: outdoor lighting, traffic facility products, IoT smart products, public facility products, management software development, and more.

Industry Cluster for Street Lights

Source manufacturers focused on cost-effectiveness and expertise.

Original Products

First industrial products protected as originals in the province.

Complete Qualifications

Complimentary qualification certificates and third-party testing reports.

48 Years of History

Street light industry originated here in 1976.

Smart Street Light Originals

Where smart street lights and multifunctional lamps originated.

Global Export Reach

Products exported worldwide to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Americas, Europe, Africa and more.

Production Facility Images

Laser Cutting WorkshopLaser Cutting Workshop
Lighting Equipment Production WorkshopLighting Equipment Production Workshop
Solar Panel Production WorkshopSolar Panel Production Workshop
Pole and Rod Processing WorkshopPole and Rod Processing Workshop
Pole Welding WorkshopPole Welding Workshop
Hot Dip Galvanizing WorkshopHot Dip Galvanizing Workshop
Spray Painting WorkshopSpray Painting Workshop
Quality Testing LaboratoryQuality Testing Laboratory

Development History of Gaoyou Street Lights