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Water level sensor signal light signage
Water level sensor signal light signage

Water level sensor traffic light signage

— Whether the water depth ahead can be passed or not, know in advance.
$ 500$ 1000
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • Signage materialAluminium
  • Pole materialQ235B steel
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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Water level sensor traffic light sign is a kind of intelligent traffic safety equipment. It combines a water level sensor and a traffic light and is installed in front of a flood-prone road to monitor changes in the water level of the road surface in real time. When the water level rises to a certain height, the signal light will automatically turn on a red light to alert passing vehicles and pedestrians to the fact that the road ahead is flooded and should slow down or take a detour. Compared with ordinary warning signs, the device can actively sense the water accumulation on the road and alert the risk through intuitive traffic light signals, which is more intelligent and humane. Its use can effectively reduce the probability of damage to the vehicle due to failure to detect the water in front of it in time, and protect the safety of personnel and property.


1. Real-time monitoring of road water level, once it exceeds the preset value, the signal light will immediately turn on the red light to alarm, to ensure that passers-by and vehicles can see the prompt in time.

2. Compared with ordinary signs, the device actively monitors and prompts the accumulation of water, without manual judgment and operation, which is more intelligent and efficient.  

3. Easy to install, visual display of water level and risk level through signal lights, simple and clear to use, easy to understand by passers-by and drivers.

4. It can be applied to all kinds of roads that are prone to water accumulation in the city, and has a wide range of applications.  

5. The red light is still eye-catching at night or in foggy weather, ensuring safety at night and in bad weather.



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