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Garden lights with multiple cameras
Garden lights with multiple cameras

Garden lights with multiple cameras

— The perfect combination of garden lights and monitoring poles.
$ 150$ 300
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • Height2.5~4 m
  • MaterialQ235B steel, stainless steel
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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This garden light is a multi-functional product that integrates lighting and monitoring. The product adopts a rectangular steel tube light pole, which has a simple and elegant appearance. The upper part of the lamp pole is provided with two sets of cross arms, which are made of galvanized steel and have good corrosion resistance. The middle of the lamp pole is U-shaped hollow, and the lamp is installed on the top of the hollow, using LED light source, with high light efficiency and energy saving.

The biggest highlight of this garden light is the integrated lighting and monitoring function: the cross arm can be used to install surveillance cameras, and one cross arm can support the installation of 2 surveillance cameras, expanding the field of view of surveillance. The product is suitable for all kinds of residential courtyards, park squares, road landscapes, etc., and is convenient and flexible to install and use.


1. Up to 4 cameras can be installed on the double wishbar, and the monitoring range is wide.

2. The light pole is made of rectangular steel pipe, which has strong wind resistance.  

3. Built-in LED lamps, high light efficiency and energy saving.

4. The appearance is simple and elegant, suitable for a variety of landscape styles.  

5. Anti-corrosion galvanized steel to ensure long-term performance.



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The garden light comes with a surveillance camera

The garden light comes with a surveillance camera

— The integrated design of lighting and monitoring is more practical.
$ 150$ 300

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