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Smart street lights in the park
Smart street lights in the park

Smart street lights in the park

— Smart street lights that are more suitable for use in the park.
$ 1000$ 2000
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • Height3~12 m
  • MaterialQ235B steel
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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Park smart street lamp is a new type of smart street lamp product for parks, residential areas, industrial parks, university parks and other places. On the basis of the traditional street lamp function, it integrates a variety of intelligent functions such as lighting optimization, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, and information interaction.

The smart street lights in the park use LED light sources and cooperate with the intelligent lighting control system, which can remotely adjust the illuminance output to achieve intelligent energy-saving lighting. At the same time, video surveillance can be integrated for real-time dynamic monitoring; Equipped with sensors, it can detect environmental parameters such as air quality, noise, temperature and humidity. The street lamp can also be integrated with a broadcasting system and a digital display screen to achieve information release, navigation and other functions. All devices are networked for remote centralized management.


1. Intelligent energy-saving lighting to reduce energy consumption in the park.

2. Video surveillance to ensure the safety of pedestrians and property.

3. Environmental monitoring, which is convenient for park management decision-making.

4. Information interaction function to improve the operation efficiency of the park.

5. Network management to achieve remote control of lights.

6. Enrich functions and improve the intelligent level of the park.



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