Core Competencies

Free Product Design

Design product appearance based on installation scenario and functional requirements, manufacture after satisfaction.

Custom Manufacturing

As a factory, we work directly with customers and strictly manufacture to your exact specifications and parameters.


All in one smart street lights

All in one smart street lights

— Highly integrated smart street lamps with easy installation.
$ 999$ 1999
Round display smart street light

Round display smart street light

— The round LED display brings more possibilities to the design of smart street lights.
$ 1200$ 2400
Solar smart street lights

Solar smart street lights

— Solar power supply, to meet the use of areas with no electricity and less electricity.
$ 1100$ 2200
Smart street lights in the park

Smart street lights in the park

— Smart street lights that are more suitable for use in the park.
$ 1000$ 2000
Embedded display-type smart street lights

Embedded display-type smart street lights

— The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the display screen is completely integrated into the light pole.
$ 900$ 1600
Smart solar insecticidal light

Smart solar insecticidal light

— Completely solar powered, the perfect combination of insecticidal lights and smart street lights.
$ 900$ 1800
Smart street lights for road square tubes

Smart street lights for road square tubes

— The structure is stable and the appearance is beautiful.
$ 1000$ 2000
Smart street light with large display

Smart street light with large display

— Extra-large display for more convenient content playback.
$ 1500$ 3000



1. Introduction to smart street lights

Smart street lights are the latest generation of street lights. It integrates environmental monitoring,cameras, smart lighting, speaker broadcasting, LED display, mobile phone charging, car charging, WI-FI, 5G micro base station, and spray dust removal system. It is convenient for residents to live and facilitate urban management.

2. Application advantages

Intelligent control

Remote control of all equipment, fault warning, no need for manual inspection. One-click replacement of screen content.

Energy saving and environmental protection

Set the lighting strategy, automatically adjust the brightness, and turn off temporarily unused devices with one click, saving electricity bills.

Economic gains

Mobile phone charging, car charging piles, IP broadcasting, and outdoor displays can all be used as sources of income.

Digital construction

Digital storage of environmental monitoring, meteorological data, surveillance video data, etc., to accelerate China's digital construction.

3. Product advantages


3D software modeling and design, satisfactory reproduction of smart light poles and equipment appearance.

Software function development

Management software can be customized to meet the one-stop management needs of the project and easily connect with data.

Smart device customization

Hardware devices with special functions can be customized to meet diverse needs.

Structural design

On request, IoT devices and light poles can be perfectly integrated.

Cutting process

All pole parts are laser cut to ensure a seamless fit and beautiful appearance.

Welding process

Precision welding and grinding, with putty, smooth and beautiful appearance, strong and durable.

Galvanized anti-corrosion process

Integral immersion hot-dip galvanizing, no rust for 15 years.

Spraying process

High-quality plastic powder, baked at high temperature, as durable as car paint.

Product packaging

Wrapped in cotton cloth to avoid appearance wear and tear caused by transportation collisions.

Cost advantage

Large scale, low cost of raw material procurement, production from raw materials, high quality and low price.

Materials are optional

Product materials can be selected according to requirements to meet engineering needs.

Production time

Assline production, perfect production process, can be quickly customized.

Direct access to the construction site

A set of products can also be delivered directly to the construction site, avoiding damage caused by transshipment.

Easy to install

The equipment and hole position are inspected and tested at the factory and then shipped after installation, and the installation is simple and convenient.

4. Solution

Solve public lighting problems

The smart lighting of smart street lamps can automatically adjust the brightness of street lamps according to time and usage scenarios, saving electricity bills. Mood lighting makes walking safe, but also makes street lights a landscape.

Solve emergency emergency problems

Outdoor broadcasting, you can shout with one click, and you can immediately shout to evacuate in case of emergency. One-click help, you can get help immediately when you encounter an urgent problem.

Solve the problem of outdoor Internet access


Solve the problem of outdoor publicity

The outdoor large screen is an efficient way of outdoor publicity, and the broadcast content can be modified at any time. Outdoor radio can also be used as a means of publicity.

Solve the problem of law and order

AI camera, which can monitor fights, outdoor accidents, and automatically alarm. A request for help can also be called to the police for help. Dramatically reduce crime and increase outdoor safety.

Solve the problem of outdoor rest

Smart street lamps with outdoor seat function can sit down and rest, connect Bluetooth to listen to songs, charge mobile phones, etc., and rest and charge at the same time.

Solve the problem of outdoor charging

Car charging stations, EV charging, wireless phone charging and USB charging. Charges can be set to increase the revenue of smart street lights.

Solve the air environment problem

It can monitor ambient temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, noise, etc. The sprinkler system can be automatically activated when the environment is poor to cool down and remove dust.



Can the function of this smart street light be customized?

Yes, we can reduce or increase the functionality according to your needs.

Can the material of the light pole be replaced?

You can choose Q335, Q460, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, aluminum, etc. But for customized materials, you need to have a certain number of purchases. The price will also vary depending on the material.

One-stop production and sales

Outdoor public facilities like street lights, traffic, smart cities, etc.

Realistic parameters without inflated claims

Strictly produced according to drawings, no negative tolerances

Full service support

Custom production, installation and maintenance available

Quality issue compensation

Compensate for losses if acceptance fails due to quality issues