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Smart manhole cover
Smart manhole cover

Smart manhole cover

— Real-time monitoring of the status of the manhole cover, convenient for maintenance and management.
$ 150$ 300
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  • MaterialSteel
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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Smart manhole cover is a new type of road manhole cover that integrates sensors, communication and computing functions. While inheriting the protection function of conventional manhole covers, it can realize automatic monitoring of the status of underground facilities, underground pipe network conditions and surrounding environmental parameters through built-in positioning equipment and various intelligent sensing equipment, and summarize and transmit data through wireless communication networks to achieve intelligent supervision.


Alarm location

Real-time transmission of alarms, alarm highlighting and positioning, synchronous SMS sending

Alarm disposal

Dispatch work orders, on-site maintenance alarm clearance, alarm database management

Repair settings

Set the maintenance time of the manhole cover and record the maintenance status

Condition monitoring

Real-time monitoring of manhole cover status

Multiple alarms

Multiple alarms of abnormal SMS and email are displayed on the manhole cover

Map display

The electronic map displays the location of the manhole cover, the real-time status of the basic information, etc

Manhole cover management

Management of information such as manhole cover number, longitude and latitude, and road where it is located

Alarm inspection

The alarm information is forwarded to the inspection personnel and the on-site disposal site photos are sent back

Text display

Display the basic information of the manhole cover location, real-time status history, etc



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