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Smart solar bench
Smart solar bench

Smart solar bench

— Powered entirely by solar energy, it is easy to use and versatile.
$ 400$ 800
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel
  • IPIP65
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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Smart solar bench is a novel solar-powered multi-functional bench product. The chair surface is designed in a long shape, so multiple people can use it at the same time. Solar panels are embedded in the top of the back of the chair to absorb sunlight and generate electricity to power the chair's smart features. Through the USB port and wireless charging area, it is possible to charge mobile phones and other devices. Support Bluetooth connection to the speaker to provide music entertainment functions. Built-in RGB ambient lighting creates a leisurely and comfortable lighting atmosphere. Some products can add WiFi capabilities for users to access the network. 

The solar-powered long smart seat is a novel public facility device that is suitable for parks, shopping malls, leisure places, etc., providing convenient charging, music and network facilities. Using high-quality materials, it has good safety, durability and waterproofness.


1. Solar-powered, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. Provide charging, music and other functions for multiple people at the same time.

3. The ambient lighting can change color to enhance the sense of atmosphere.

4. Optional WiFi for added convenience.

5. Strip design, occupy space and save space.

6. Using high-quality materials, safe and durable.



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