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LED flood lights
LED flood lights

LED flood lights

— Achieve wide-range, uniform, full-face illumination.
$ 40$ 80
Prices listed are for reference only. Actual quoted prices prevail.Main parameters:
  • Temperature3000~6500K
  • IPIP65
Customizable Dimensions, Materials, and Appearance.
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LED flood lamp is a kind of LED flood light product with surface light source design. It uses a combination of densely arranged LED chips and a translucent plate to form a large area of light emitting plane, and then concentrates the light through the mirror to form a concentrated beam of light to achieve a wide range of efficient directional illumination.

The LED flood light source is arranged with LED chips with uniform color temperature, which is perfectly matched with the hard light transmission plate to achieve uniform light emittion. The reflector cup is carefully designed to ensure that the light can be effectively concentrated, the illumination is evenly distributed, and the beam angle is well controlled. The all-over design makes the light soft and natural, preventing glare.


1. Full face glow, large and uniform light range.  

2. Soft light, no glare.

3. The color temperature is uniform, and the light quality effect is good.

4. The reflector cup is well-designed and the beam control is precise.

5. High light gathering efficiency and high light energy utilization efficiency.  

6. Long life and reliable use.



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