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We are a collection of smart street lamp design, smart street lamp production, Internet of Things equipment production, management platform development, installation and construction as oneSource smart street lamp manufacturers,the price is cheap, the quality is guaranteed.

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Introduction of HIHEE Street Lamp Factory

The full name of HIHEE Street Lamp Factory is Jiangsu HIHEE Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., which has branches in Guangdong and Chongqing. It is a technology-driven industry development and strives for the intelligent development of street lights. HIHEE Street Lighting Factory's industries cover five major industries such as communication technology, smart city, solar energy technology, Internet of Things engineering, and lighting engineering. Around the five major industries to provide product development and production and sales as well as software, communications, Internet of Things and other technical services.

The company's main products are: smart street lights, traffic all-in-one integrated common poles, Internet of Things street lights, intelligent control equipment and systems, solar street lights, cultural street lights customization. And the production and sales of traditional city circuit lights, landscape lights, garden lights, high pole lights, monitoring poles, magnolia lights, Chinese lights, high-speed gantry frames, 5G signal towers, iron towers and so on.

HIHEE has service centers and warehousing centers in many regions, and invests a lot of money every year in the research and development of new products. There are three production sites.

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Our service concept

Think about problems from the customer's point of view and help customers grasp the quality of products. With our experience, help you do big things for a small amount of money. Let youSave money and worry.

7x24 hours standby

Provide Q&A service and technical support to customers at any time.

Grasp the quality of the pass

Strictly follow the process of production, do a good job of factory testing.

Save money for your customers

Use resources to help customers save on material costs and shipping costs.

Help customers worry

The product is easy to install, easy to maintain, no worries.

Service Process

Strictly in accordance with the service process, it can be greatly guaranteedInterests of both parties ,make the project smoother, make the cooperation more enjoyable.



Communicate with customers to grasp product requirements and precautions.



According to customer requirements to provide a variety of design solutions for customers to choose.



Determine drawings with customers, determine product appearance, structure, parameters. A deposit is charged.



Strictly follow the drawings of production, do not cut corners, do not save processes.



After the completion of the product, according to the process to do a good job of factory inspection, debugging and aging test.



After the test is correct, do a good job of putting the collision packaging to ensure that the packaging is intact and tidy.



Invite customers to the factory for inspection, and customers who cannot come over can conduct video connection inspection.



After the inspection is completed, the final payment is collected and the shipment is delivered by car or logistics on time.



Assist customers to complete product installation, and provide free technical support throughout the process.



Project archiving, return visit inspection, do a good job in after-sales service, to ensure the normal use of products.

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There is culture, there is faith, heavy quality, strong scientific research.DedicatedComplete each project.

Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission

Let the smart street lamp provide more convenience for life.

Corporate vision

Corporate vision

Make the city better and make the way home safer.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Efficient, high quality, cost-effective, differentiated, intelligent.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Honesty and trustworthiness, truthfulness and truthfulness, subversion of inertia, creation of standards, unity and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win.


Adhere to independent research and development and production, strict quality control.

Laser cutting workshop

Laser cutting workshop

Lamp equipment production workshop

Lamp equipment production workshop

Solar panel production workshop

Solar panel production workshop

Light pole reel workshop

Light pole reel workshop

Lamp pole welding workshop

Lamp pole welding workshop

Integral hot-dip galvanizing workshop

Integral hot-dip galvanizing workshop

Spray paint workshop

Spray paint workshop

Test and test workshop

Test and test workshop